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Who We Are

Longa, the first freelance platform designed to connect Egypt's music and entertainment artists and industry experts with clients worldwide. We are proud to offer this unique service and connect talent across borders.

Imagine a record label is looking for a singer with a particular style, or a commercial brand looking for a music producer for their next marketing campaign, through Longa, you can find the most qualified one for your project, check his/her audio and video samples, and freely choose the most suitable ones for your budget.

We strive to be the primary joint for industry professionals and artists not only in Egypt but in the entire Middle Eastern market. We're not only committed to establishing a productive partnership between industry experts and artists; we're also dedicated to showcasing new, emerging talent.

Who are the sellers?!
The service providers, or the talents and professionals in the music and entertainment industry; including singers, musicians, music producers, composers, songwriters, arrangers, audio engineers, sound designers, lyricists, video editors, content creators, graphic designers, voiceovers, web developers, etc.

Who are the buyers?
The service seekers, simply the Clients. They can be individuals, or production companies, records labels, studios, media and marketing agencies, and commercial brands for their campaigns.

Our Team

Mena Ezzat

Founder and CEO

Hany Nabil

Finance Manager

Yara Atef

Web Developer

Viola Karmy

Marketing Executive

Hamza Sharkas

Music Consultant

Hazem Mahani

Business Consultant

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