Adding Skills to Your Longa Marketplace

Since you now created your account on Longa, let’s get started by adding your services, which are referred to as Skills on Longa.

  • After logging, head to the top right corner and your Selling Dashboard from the drop menu under your profile name, and then on the left menu bar, you will find “Skills” and then click on “Add a New skill

  • From here you can add your Skill, and modify it later if needed. 
  • Upload your catchy desired image (square dimensions). Make sure the thumbnail accurately showcases your service, without including the main profile image.

  • Add a catchy name to attract your clients… 
    • “Unique Deep Vocals,” “Pop Rock Guitar Style,” “Modern and Classical Piano Tracks,” “Professional Mix/Mastering for Your Music,” etc.
  • Then you add your Skill price, also, you can provide a discount on this service for a specific period or season.
  • Add your service basics like the Category, and in Tags/Genres add as many as you can
    • Tags/Genres will help your clients to know more about your diversity, as well as it will reflect on our marketplace users’ reach.
  • Demo” is the best option between you and your client, as you can make it like a promotional and trial service, so for a small amount of this specific service, you will give them a 30-second demo, this helps your client to understand more about your services and experiences before hiring you for the full project.
  • Revisions” is highly important as this will help you to deliver the desired service for your client, and will reflect positively on your profile feedback.
  • “Description” try something catchy with detailed info about what you do and what you can provide. Also, you can mention the gear and the equipment you have. 

  • Add Media” is the same process when you add your Profile media and links. You can upload audio files and/or SoundCloud and YouTube links.
  • Now, in your Skills section, you can hide, edit, or add any of your skills anytime.


And now it’s about time to share your Skills and rock the world!

    • To know how to create your profile and add skills. Check out our YouTube Video Tutorial.
    • If you created an account, join our Facebook Group for instant support and tips.
    • Our support team is delighted to get your inquires through WhatsApp.
    • To learn more about our policies and service fees, please check out the Q&A section.

Finally, we’re always happy to assist you,

feel free to reach out to us anytime.

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