Yeah! We know that you’re a pro, but still, buyers (service seekers) aren’t familiar with your field that much. Here are a few tips to help you to communicate better and easier while working remotely.

Remember! You’re working with experienced buyers in their fields, however, they aren’t familiar with your technical terms. Avoid explaining why you changed the scale or it’s a faster ‘riff’ and use simple words instead.

Work cycle 

You started working on the project, but still, you have doubts about the understanding of its style or concept. Make sure to communicate again, and be more specific, clear, and frank! So you can use the chat box, or even go for a Zoom meeting to make a full understanding. 


Be patient. First, we recommend you explain to the buyer what you’re gonna do during your process, not technical stuff, but the main highlights to understand your work process. Also, this is why you provide revisions to do amendments. They deserve to get what they need, and you deserve to get appreciated for your work as well. Don’t forget to use the demo option before hiring you for the full service, this will save a lot of time and effort for both sides. 

Finally, remember that this project your name will be on it. And it will be added to your artistic portfolio, and it helps to gain more work. If you struggle to do this while working with a specific buyer, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’d be delighted to help. 


We recommend checking our Q&A section to learn more about the service fee, policy and terms of use.

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