You may have some endorsements but you don’t get enough work. Of course, there are countless reasons like economic crises or entertainment season needs, among other stuff. We tried to point at the most common 6 reasons that may help you to get more work from clients on Longa. Let’s find out!

Flexibility and accuracy

You might be a pro artist, but still, your attitude receives negative feedback. These clients/buyers care about their projects as you care about your skills. Try to be more friendly yet firm. Be specific about your gear if they ask about it. In the end, you care about the overall quality, right? 


You may not get hired when you add to your profile low-quality audio samples or low-resolution artwork. Your profile is what attracts buyers to choose you from other sellers on our platform. Make sure to provide high-quality content either when you add new skills or when you submit work. 

Fitting or not! 

When you apply for a project give them more info about your experience and why you’re an added value for their next project. The same will happen when you add your new skill, tell them more about your background and capabilities. 

Be creative 

Using the same style or not adding new playing techniques will put you in the same form and won’t help clients choose you from other sellers on Longa. Try to provide new ideas while applying for a job, even your skills could include more creative ideas and titles. For example; “Oud Solos for All Music Styles,” and music producers can try something more fusion; “Mix of Two Different Worlds! Rock Music and Egyptian Folklore.” Certainly, creativity will remain the main reason for sustainability. 

Market yourself. Share your skills on different social media platforms. Also, social groups on Facebook could be a good fit for it as well, focusing on entertainment and music business-related groups, or for freelancers in general. You can even use your local community for it, like your fellow musicians or a nearby studio.

Follow up

Like any other business, follow-up is the key! Don’t just apply for a job, and then disappear for days. Of course, this won’t encourage them to hire you again. In fact, many freelancers lose their jobs mainly because of this issue.

Finally, your profile tells who you’re and your skills approve of what you’re capable of. To guarantee getting more jobs… is actually in your own hands. Good luck everyone! 


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