Find all the essential Q&A about how our marketplace operates here. Remember to check this page frequently as it will be regularly updated. However, you can find more detailed answers to these questions in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use sections.

General inquiries 

  1. What is Longa?
    • Longa is a marketplace that connects sellers and buyers in Egypt’s entertainment and music industry.
  2. Who are the sellers? 
    • Sellers referred to as service providers include talents and professionals such as singers, musicians, music producers, composers, songwriters, arrangers, audio engineers, sound designers, lyricists, and voiceovers.

  3. Who are the buyers? 
    • Clients referred to as service seekers and they can be individuals, production companies, record labels, studios, media and marketing agencies, commercial brands, and professional seekers looking for talents.

  4. Is my official info secured when I register? 
    • Be assured that we take your privacy and security very seriously. Your information will only be accessible by our staff for operational purposes. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use sections.

  5. Who manages and runs the Longa platform?
    • Naqada Music Management is the owner company behind the Longa platform. In addition, it’s the owner company of the music blogs Rock Era Magazine and Sistra Magazine.
  6. In case of project cancellation, is the website commission refundable? 
    • The platform service commission is non-refundable.
    • It is 10% from service providers (sellers) and 3% during payment from clients (service seekers).

Sellers (Talent – Pros)


Sellers Q&A [referred to as Talents – Pros – Service Providers]

  1. Does the website have any age restrictions?
    • It is important to note that the user is legally responsible for any misuse of platform services. Additionally, by using the platform, the user acknowledges that they are 16 years of age or older.

  2. I am not an Egyptian resident, can I join as a seller? 
    • The Fin-tech company Paymob cannot support transferring funds outside Egypt.
    • However, we are currently working on providing the service within the MENA region.
  3. Are there any requirements before signing up? 
    • The registration process for our platform is similar to any other website. However, when adding your withdrawal method, you’ll need to provide additional information such as your national ID number, bank account number/smart wallet, etc.

  4. Why do you need my official papers like the ID? 
    • By registering on our website, you are consenting to the protection of your rights and the rights of other users. We have also partnered with Paymob, a Fin-tech company, to facilitate transactions from buyers and to your desired account as a seller.

  5. What is the minimum amount to post a service/skill? 
    • The minimum amount to post a service (referred to as Skill) is EGP 100.
  6. What is the minimum amount to do a withdrawal?
    • The minimum amount to do a withdrawal request is EGP 1000.
  7. Should withdrawal requests be in a certain time of the month?
    •  No. Once your balance reaches EGP 1000, you are eligible to request a withdrawal anytime.
    • Of course, withdrawals during weekends or public holidays will take some time.
  8. What are the fees from sellers (Talents – Pros)? 
    • Website commission
      • Longa’s commission fee from sellers (service providers) is 10%.
      • The payment gateway commission fee from clients (service seekers) is 3%.
    • Paymob transaction fees
      • Bank transfer
        • 0.1%, with a minimum amount of EGP 10 [Max EGP 200]
      • Wallet transfer
        • 1.8% (Vodafone, Etisalat, Orange, etc…)
  9. Will the Paymob company change the transaction fees someday?
    • Actually we do not have an authority over Paymob, but once we get informed about this matter, then we will notify all the platform users.
  10. What is the difference between adding a Skill and a Demo? 
    • Let’s say that you are a music producer who has good taste in different music genres but still, your profile doesn’t have some endorsements yet. The demo option is like a sample of the main product that you provide on our platform. Let’s say you have a music production service of EGP 3000, so you can give a demo for this service for just EGP 500. The demo won’t be more than 60 seconds. When a client hires you for this service, you can ask him to hire you first for a demo option to make sure that you will meet his requirements for his next project. 
  11. What is the point of revisions when I am adding a new skill? 
    • You can choose the number of ‘Revisions’ that you desire for each skill you provide on Longa. Of course, this will help buyers to receive their desired service, also, it will help gaining good feedback on your profile. 
  12. Can I share my samples on my profile? 
    • Definitely. This will be very useful for clients to know more about your work.
  13. Can I take some time off?
    • Sure! Contact us anytime at to request your profile to be on vacation mode. However, this action won’t be applied when you have any active or pending jobs. 
  14. The client received the project but suddenly decided that he didn’t want it. What guarantees my wages?
    • When clients browse the categories, they choose freely the most relevant talent/pro for their next project. We suggest you first give them the demo option of your skill. In addition, the revisions options will help the buyer to receive his desired product, and it will help to gain good feedback on your portfolio.
  15. What guarantees my copyrights and ownership of my music/material?
    • If you have any doubt that another user may misuse your music, we recommend checking this section in our Terms of Use. However, we would like to help at anytime at
  16. How to apply a coupon to my services? 
    • You cannot make your own coupon, this will be provided by the Longa operation team only, but you can give a discount to a certain service you provide. For example; you have a music production service for EGP5000 but you can give it for EGP 3,500 instead for a certain period. In fact, this could help your profile to get more work. 

Buyer (Clients)


Q&A [referred to as Service Seekers] 

  1. I am not living in Egypt, can I join as a buyer? 
    • Yes. Wherever you are, you can hire any talent/pro through Longa. 
  2. Are there any requirements before signing up? 
    • The normal sign-up process is like any other website. However, if you’re an Egyptian buyer, the commercial registration number and tax ID number are needed if you are registering as a company. For users outside Egypt, no specific requirements are needed. 
  3. Are there any fees from buyers? 
    • NO. You just pay the amount that has been provided on sellers’ services only.
  4. In case of project cancelation after payment, do I get my payment in full back?
    • PLEASE NOTE – This freelance Talent/Pro spends time and effort to work on your project, so make sure to choose the most suitable talent/Pro for your next project.
    • Anyhow, if we (the Longa team) manage to do a mutual cancelation between you and Talent/Pro, you will receive your payment minus our commission (detailed above). 
    • However, we may just give 50% back of the amount in case the seller already spent time working on your project for a few days. In rare cases, you may not get a refund after payment.
  5. Do I get an invoice after payment? 
    • Sure. Once you hire a talent/pro and complete an order purchase, the invoice will appear automatically. 
  6. When I receive the file(s) from the sellers, can I ask them to make some changes?
    • When sellers post a service; they can select the amount of revisions to be applied on each service. After receiving the files, you can chat with them through the Longa platform to discuss the amendments that you desire. If you didn’t settle an agreement you can contact us anytime to find a satisfactory solution for all parties.
    • Please note that in this case, both accounts (buyer – seller) will be on a hold status until the situation gets solved.
  7. The Seller keeps changing the delivery date. What can I do? 
    • If the Seller [Talent – Pro] keeps changing the project/service delivery date, make sure to contact him/her through the chat box first, if there’s no response, please contact us immediately at
  8. Can I cancel my order after payment?
    • NO. We make sure that sellers provide all their basic info on their profiles such as biography, audio samples, or videos. We recommend you to take all the time you need before paying a specific talent/pro, listen to their previous works to make sure that they will fit for your next project. First contact the seller, and discuss with him/her your project details to make sure that they have a full understanding of your artistic vision. Then start adding the funds and enjoy the Longa experience.
  9. How to benefit from coupons on Longa? 
    • Coupons are provided by the Longa team only. Coupons mainly give a discount for a certain service and for a specific time. 
  10. We are a company, how can we do partnership/advertisements? 
    • If you’re a company (Production, Media, Marketing, Publisher, Commercial Brand, etc.) we’d be delighted to do a partnership, kindly contact us any time. 

Fur further information, ideas or complaints,

feel free to contact us any time at

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