Top 5 Tips For Any Posted Skill!

No matter what talent you have or the experience you master, still, there are very important tools you should keep in mind while adding your new skill as a service on Longa.

1 – The Price

Remember that it’s a marketplace, so there are many talents and pros out there. Try to be more flexible while placing your price for any service. No need to be very expensive or extremely low, moderation is the key!

2 – Description & Requirements

Projects fail to achieve success because of the lack of communication and clarification. Make sure to describe in detail what you can provide, on the other, make sure what you need from the Buyer to deliver the project properly. For example; I need the buyer to include a music reflection (or what is the song theme about?) so I’d be able to deliver a guitar solo that suits the song.

3 – Competition

There are many other users on Longa who already have their own home or professional studio like you. Try to think as a buyer, why they would hire you. What’s unique in your services from the other talents on the platform?

4 – Multimedia 

Definitely, adding audio and video samples for your work will remain the best option to showcase your talent and experience. You can upload MP3 or WAV files, also, you can embed them from your favorite streaming platform.

5 – Promotion 

Sharing on your social platforms would be one of the main strong tools. In addition, you can provide a discount for a certain period for a specific service/skill.

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